Perspectives Immersive Bias Training

Our Immersive Bias Training allows you to experience the world from different perspectives in Virtual Reality. 

You have the agency to direct the conversation, the scenarios will change based on the choices you make in the experiences, with different branching narratives.

Seeing multiple perspectives and standing in someone else’s shoes helps nurture empathy and greater understanding of the lived experiences of your co-workers. 

We want to support you in transforming your teams to become more inclusive and self-aware so they can focus on creative, innovative work, leading to higher productivity for your company.  

Perspectives has different models for using this training to best meet your needs:

  • Service: Provide in person training for you with hardware and technical support. 
  • Turn-key solution: Provide you with easy to use hardware and software solution to use at your leisure with your team.
  • Customized: opt into our customized services for an immersive experience tailored to your company and your team specific scenarios.
  • We also provide assessments with our in-built data analytics with a full report. 
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