Build Your Anything Factory with GE

The Anything Factory is a virtual factory and showroom of GE Additive’s 3D metal printers. The printers were modeled to their exact size to give customers a sense of what they looked like without having to transport the massive machines. The showroom of each individual part allowed those interested to see what each machine could print.

Customers are able to visualize what these printers will look and feel like in open floor manufacturing spaces. We created a factory builder that allows the customer to create a layout of their own.  In the space the customer can place the 3D additive printers among many other virtual assets.

“We approached VECTRE to develop a VR experience for our largest trade-show of the year. We had a very complex creative brief and value proposition.

The VECTRE team took time to listen and was able to translate our needs into a beautiful VR and AR application.

The final product was extremely successful and will help supply our sales team with a long-term interactive tool. We can now, simply, show our customers how their additive factories will look and function, ultimately enabling sales.”

-GE, Creative Director

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