VR Safety Training

Using VR to train allows us to simulate hazardous environments while cutting down costs and potential physical dangers. This also allows for on-demand training without needing to travel to or create a space to train in. The Confined Space demo is a gamified VR experience that allows trainees to go through the experience of going into a space where you have to monitor your oxygen and fit into a cramped space, all in a limited amount of time. The simulation takes you through what you would experience without the risk of doing this for the first time on-the-job.

“Myra and the VECTRE team demonstrate professional and consistent working style and attitude to ensure quality, speed and customer/partner satisfaction of their deliverables.

During the weeks when we worked together to prepare the VR safety training demo, the VECTRE team contributed great ideas in the brainstorming and discussion stage with the Gensuite team, and effectively turned the ideas into product – the confined space training, which received very good feedback from audience.

It’s encouraging to see the passion, commitment, and capabilities VECTRE has as a VR tech company, and we look forward to more collaboration opportunities with VECTRE to provide integrated VR training to customer companies”

-Gensuite, Strategy and Innovation Lead

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