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VECTRE is a full-service Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development studio.
We author high end immersive experiences for an end to end solution that will captivate your audience.

Bias Training
Recent studies from Harvard have been examining decades' worth of corporate diversity training sessions. They have concluded that current bias training can often do more harm than good, making some employees feel targeted and cause them to become aggressive and reject training.

With VR, employees can live out an experience as an individual experiencing bias, and feel the impact of their actions.
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Safety Training​
Virtual Reality has the power to simulate hands-on training experiences, allowing trainees to be immersed in the program without the risk of training in the field.

Studies show trainees are more likely to retain information in immersive environments, with retention increasing by up to 75% from traditional methods.
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The human brain works best when individuals are actively learning. With VR, training becomes hands-on and immersive and gives the trainee immediate feedback. This creates an entirely new way of teaching new employees through interaction and storytelling.
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Consumer Testing
Consumer testing in VR allows companies to then adjust their products to their target audiences based off of real customer feedback, and more effectively design a final design.

Customers will be able to try your new soft drink at the beach or a sporting event. You can expose your customers to the environments where they would be consuming your product in the marketplace.
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Trade Show Marketing​
Trade show marketing relies on pulling the attention of trade show attendees and creating engagement with your product.

Bringing VR into marketing gives your customers an exciting experience that they will associate with your brand, creating strong customer bonds. 62% of consumers say they would feel more engaged and excited by a brand that sponsors VR experiences.
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Prototyping is crucial to visualizing designs and testing how they’ll interact within the environments of the client or end consumer. However, prototyping often ends up a lengthy and costly endeavor for most companies.

A hyper-realistic virtual store environment allows you to encounter your unreleased product designs as a customer would, and allows you to see how your prototyped designs look on the shelf next to your competitors’.
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